Featuring a unique Coffee Table!

Colours and Textures form the magic portion for creating unique and beautiful interiors irrespective of the style. Inspired by these fabulously elegant tiles by Bert and May, which adds a warm and beautiful texture, I created a piece of furniture.

Natural Pigment Tiles are simply sublime. You can dress it up or down use in a Classic Interiors or Bohemian.

Natural Pigment Plains by Bert & May

Exotic Coffee table

The base is custom designed to fit and suit my living room. The table is strong and sturdy; made of
Railway sleepers and iron hollow sections. I sourced the maker from Etsy, a new source for all things quirky and unique. There are a lot of new and upcoming designers and makers out there just waiting to help with your project. If you want something unique, Etsy is the place to find the ideal maker for your needs.

The base is made so strong and robust to support, a cement tile installation. I created an immovable objet for my coffee table; both pretty and functional; No more water stains and coffee rings, easy to clean and maintain. The cement tiles are installed on top with an insert in the centre. To add a little sparkle to your coffee table with a handmade brass tile from Fired Earth.

Custom made base

Installation of cement tiles with the central Brass insert from Fired Earth

My Living room in all its glory

I so enjoyed making this piece that I am made more for my home. Coming soon, TV cabinet, Kitchen Island and more.