Stripped and Bare...

Living space stripped and bare

We stripped and rendered the ground and top floors bare before the builders came in. The carpets, the skirting boards, the icky lights the house came with and more. Studying about building and construction is extremely different to getting you hands dirty. All those years I spent studying Architecture could not have prepared me for this at all...believe me! Living in the dust and the chaos was a big shock to the system! haha!

Living space transformations
We converted our first floor into our makeshift living, bedroom and kitchen - cooking out of a rice cooker and a microwave. It was liking camping but only inside our own home hehe :)

We lived in the chaos for more 6 months! I want to scream now just thinking about it. The only great thing about all the chaos, time passes by like a flash. Working and managing these renovations simultaneously was extremely challenging.
Before, during and after the renovations

Here, above you can trace the transformations of the ground floor. We blocked a few doors and created one large opening, making it into double doors leading to an open plan living + dining + kitchen. There are a lot of hoops to jump before you even get to this stage - you need to get planning permission from you local council, get a structural engineer to advice and sign off the changes, get a quote from the builder(s) and more. The most challenging aspect was getting quotes - there seems to be no baseline to measure a construction quote, a truly terrifying discovery. So please be careful and ask around for some advice before you venture.

I owe a huge thanks to my lovely husband, who was bold to jump into this crazy adventure with me. I just cannot say enough - all the crazy discussions, late nights and putting up with bad camping food! For him all this was fairly new - there was a lot of  demolishing, removing rubble, scrapping tiles and much more - we did all together :) Yes, like most couple we did not agree with everything, but we sure enjoyed making up after...hehe :)

Our Living room transformed with luscious warm and dark colours, handmade pieces, something old, something new and of course something blue :) I shall add more images as I complete a professional shoot.