Out of my comfort zone...

My name is Shruthi and I am a happy hipster.
Writing is really out of my comfort zone, I prefer to be behind the scenes. I am going to blog every day, step into the dark side ha ha. I read a lot of blogs, appreciate and admire many skilled writers. I am hoping you will all like what I have to say and forgive me for the errors. I will share everything and anything I discover about art, design, and FOOD - my passions in life.

I also recently completed renovating our house. It took us a few years as we did most of the work ourselves - Oh boy, not sure it was a very good idea! Today I share all the photos before the work began. On seeing these photos for the first time since the renovations began, I am finding it difficult to believe how much the house has changed. Every day I will reveal one or more parts of the house, share stories of all the trials and tribulations, share all the sources and resources I used to achieve the look.

This experience was simultaneously exhilarating and frustrating. For all those couples who are thinking of renovating their home, please do not ever live in the property you are renovating - It would almost kill you... Ha ha! Check out the photos below of our house before I transformed it into our home. Keep a look out for more stories to come. Bye for now.