Let's paint it Abusson blue!

Bar cabinet created by a happy hipster
Just another painting on the wall

Inspired by this fabulous wallpaper by Ellie Cashman I wanted to create something to use this in my house. I first came across her work in a Living Etc in a House Tour. Her prints, papers, and fabrics are deep, dark and elegantly surreal. I love this one:-
wallpaper by ellie cashman
Summer Squall in midnight blue - close up

wallpaper by ellie cashman
Summer Squall in midnight blue
Ellie Cashman creates these beautiful pieces inspired by the Old Dutch masters - Flowers in all their glory isn't it. Her papers are very high-quality prints, hence expensive. But you can buy as much or as little as you need of this precious paper. Click here to buy. 

D.I.Y Bar Cabinet - With this paper as the focus, I created a Bar cabinet for my Living room.  It is designed to be a painting on the wall not jsut a cabinet with doors. I designed this custom-made cabinet on a shoe-string budget. The total costs including paints and papers £225. If you need bespoke furniture and are good at assembling then Jali - is the website for you. They machine cut furniture according to your specs, flat pack it, and ship it to you. They are fabulous - the best-kept secret I say✌

I designed the cabinet, drew a 3d sketch and broke them into pieces on Jali and ordered it. Voila, in 4 weeks I had a cabinet I could assemble. It contains a door and several other smaller pieces that made the shelf.

D.I.Y bar cabinet in shruthi govindan's house
Wallpaper is stuck on the door and allowed to dry
After I assembled the shelf and painted this MDF construction in Aubusson Blue, a beautiful deep shade by Annie Sloan, waxed it and sealed it with Dead flat eco sealer by Pure-Original Paints.
I do all my projects with Chalk paints by Annie Sloan, Bert & May , and Pure and Original. Chalk paints are like oil paints - they create incredible depth and colour that changes with the time of day and light. 

Painting the bar cabinet by Shruthi Govindan
After painting and sealing, I hung the cabinet on the wall, stocked up the bar! Anybody for drinks? ✌
If you like this idea and want more tips, feel free to email me or just share it with other like-minded people.
D.I.Y Bar cabinet designed by Shruthi Govindan
The Bar is ready!