Daily dose of inspiration

The first thing in the morning, with my cup of coffee, I simply have to find some new design or interiors or recipe. Today in the morning the silly phone would not allow me to check any messages or blogs or social networks! I screamed πŸ˜– 😠😑  When your morning routine is disrupted the whole day does not go so well... 😫

Anyways, after all the tantrums and fights with technology I got it working and had my fix of daily inspirations. Most of my phone storage were photos...just from my morning ritual 😁
I use this as a scrapbook, carefully cataloguing images for reference for future and current projects. I am going to share these inspirations everyday with you all too. Maybe they will spark the inner creative in you too 😊

*Sources - Marie Claire, Homes & Gardens, Vogue, The Kitchn, W Magazine, Ideal home, New York Magazine, Elle Decor, Epicurious, Harper's Bazaar, Bon AppΓ©tite Magaine, Mad about the house.