Contrasts create intriguing spaces - Rooms I love.

My favourite time of the week is Sunday mornings. Every Sunday morning I graze through my large pile of magazines with the a biggest cup of coffee. Here are a few of my favourite kitchens this week:- 

1. Botti Kitchens - Blend of Modern & Rustic. I love adding an element completely different in style and texture to the rest in the room - adding something very unexpected. Like the Kitchen island in the below photo - rustic floor boards cabinet doors set against the smooth concrete walls and floors.

Image Source -

2. Concrete - Looks like concrete, feels like concrete but it is inexpensive wood composite with a finish that resembles stone - this is Valchromat. I love the pairing of shiny metal against the rough and rustic - so luxurious! Love to pair these cabinets with brushed steel or brass handles. Richard Lindvall a Swedish designer created this space below, modern yet so opulent.

3. Factory style yet modern chic  - Stainless steel kitchen units paired with modern professional grade cooking appliances set against deep, dark textured walls.

4. Copper is the latest must have Kitchen-surface. You can use it on worktops, sinks & even cabinet door fronts. It is a practical choice as it is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and very easy to keep germ free. Design by

*Photo source - Elle decoration Kitchens